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We offers a host of integrated services that succumb to the various requirements of the clients and candidates. Apart from providing hiring services, we provide consultancy by trying to understand the client’s needs and requirements before starting the hiring procedure. we also have trained personnel who understand the job needs and preferences of the candidates and further help them in seeking their careers. At present, the following openings are made available for distinguished firms - Banking Customer Service, Team Leader, Customer Service, Banking/Tech/Collections/Sales, U.S N Aus. Credit Card Process, U.K Insurance Process, Travel Process, Quality Analyst, Lead Generation Process, Stream - Us Tech Pilot Process and Us Credit Card Upselling Process among other.


We provide job opportunities and placement assistance to job aspirants in all categories.

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We advise and counsel the candidates as per their skill sets rather qualifications to exhale in job seeking.

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HR Solutions

We are the best channel partner for many of the clients among state for manpower solutions

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